Entire, deshidrated morels, premium, 20 gr


Pure delight for sauces and meat

The exquisite little mushrooms grow in the wild and are very hard to find. Because of their numerous cells the cap looks like a beehive, with a strong stem firmly attached to the ground.

After the truffle, the morel is the second most appreciated edible mushroom in the international haute cuisine. Especially in France, they play the main role in classic dishes such as filet steak in a fine sauce or chicken stew in white wine. The morel has a nutty, woody flavor, making it a very versatile ingredient that enriches various kinds of meat and sauce.

How are morels used?

In their raw state morels are poisonous. We offer dried morels in two versions: as a whole and ground. These have the advantage that during the dehydrating process destroys the toxins allowing you to completely enjoy the delicacy.

The ground morels are very easy to use for a sauce. For this purpose, simply let everything simmer until the mixture becomes slightly thick. However, if you want to use whole morels, let them soak in hot water or broth for at least two hours. The remaining, sifted liquid can be used to add flavour to any preparation.

The conical shape of this fungus gives it a spongy consistency, which goes perfectly with braised calf meat, chicken or rabbit cacciatore. Furthermore, they give a special touch to egg dishes such as omelettes, scrambled eggs or pancakes.

Due to their strong flavour morels are also excellent company for red meat such as beef, pork, lamb and venison. There are also some white meats to which morels fit well, such as rabbit, chicken and turkey.

If you love vegetables, combine the noble mushrooms with asparagus, beans, potatoes, broccoli or peas. Fish lovers will soon discover that a fine morel sauce can be the best friend of salmon, sea bass and turbot.

Although the risotto itself is an Italian specialty, the French cuisine has embraced the morel risotto – a real treat. Tip: Use whole morels and use the remaining liquid to let the risotto swell. The result is excellent.

Where do they grow?

Morels grow in early spring on sandy soils in temperate climates. Occasionally they can also be found in the south of Chile, mainly in the area of the Cordillera. Experts agree that they are especially abundant in areas where there has recently been a forest fire.
They are messengers of the recovery of the land.

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