We also have a number of truffle-based products such as our olive oil with truffle aroma, or even utensils to facilitate their preparation.

On the products page you will find detailed information about each product available for purchase.

The truffle is the fruiting body of an underground fungus that grows as the result of a relationship between its mycelium and the roots of certain trees such as oaks and hazels, called truffle trees.

The size of the black truffle ranges from the size of a strawberry to that of an apple with a weight of 10 to 150 grams, but some huge black truffles weighing more than 500 grams have also been found.

Black truffles are also referred to as “black diamonds of the kitchen”, because no other ingredient exudes so many impressive aromas and flavours. Thanks to this distinctive quality, the cultivated black truffles can refine almost any dish.

Because of their culinary value, their aroma, their unique flavour and also because of their rarity, truffles are used in the finest restaurants. They transform a simple dish into a culinary delight; a delectation for gourmets and lovers of good food.

The use of the truffle dates from as early as the Egyptians and throughout history it has been attributed with an aphrodisiac effect.

We invite you to learn more about the black truffle and our products from the exquisite mushroom of underground breeding.


Who are we?

During their biology studies in Vienna, Austria, the couple formed by Carlos Weber, half Austrian, half Chilean, and Sonja Ungar, Austrian, learned about the possibility of inoculating plants with truffles.
Comparing the southern and the northern hemisphere, they decide to seek their fortune in South America and in 2002 they begin their project as pioneers of the truffle culture in Chile.


  • 2002 – 2003: Research and development of production methods of inoculated plants in greenhouse.
  • 2004: Foundation of the company Agricola y Comercial Chilenut Ltd. (CEO Carlos Weber)
  • 2005: Purchase of the first agricultural land in Chillán and setting up of the first truffle plantations.
  • 2006: Chilenut becomes partner of Agrobiotruf, the leader in South America of the production of plants inoculated with truffles. All truffle plants harvested in Chile come from Agrobiotruf.
  • 2007: First truffle imports by the company Chilenut to explore the demand of the Chilean market.
  • June 2008: Founding of the trading company Trufa’s Ltd to guarantee optimal marketing of truffles imported or produced by Chilenut (CEO Sonja Ungar).
  • December 2008: Award of public capital for the purpose of product testing, market research and the development of a business plan.
  • 2009: First harvest of truffles grown by the company.
  • 2010: Commercialization of the first Chilean truffles by Trufa’s and restoration and modification of a country residence to use as an office and food factory.
  • April 2011: Award of governmental start-up funds to implement food processing and packaging.
  • November 2011: First production of truffle oil with black truffles.
  • 2013: Market research in Peru and Brazil.
  • 2014: Award of the regional project FIA (support for innovation in the agricultural sector) to develop new national truffle products; market research in the United States.
  • 2015: introduction of the new brand KATANKURA.

Today, the company Trufa’s lies at the heart of 15 planted hectares in the beautiful scenery of the river Cato, 400 kilometres south of Santiago, and counts with national and international clients.


Our Mission

To provide an excellent service, so that hotels, casinos, restaurants and shops, as well as the final consumers can benefit from our homemade truffle products and enjoy them unrestrictedly.


Our Vision

To produce high quality truffle products with a South American touch, a good price-quality ratio and to be recognised for a high quality and reliable service.

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