Truffle oil with black truffles 50 ml


Truffle oil with black truffles

A few drops of this truffle oil will transform even the simplest dish into a gourmet delight.
With dedication and passion we have developed a combination of the aroma of black truffles and extra virgin olive oil, perfected by a slice of this precious fungus in each bottle.

Due to the full, but refined flavour, our oil can exceed the demands of this true diamond of haute cuisine and also caress the most discerning palates.

How and when is it used?

Black truffle oil can be used for both cold and hot food. In both cases we recommend a measured application because, due to the intensity of its flavour -and unlike cooking oil-, only a hint of this delicate oil is enough on top of the finished preparation.

There are numerous possible applications: a few drops on top of a risotto just before serving, as the final ingredient of a white sauce, as a noble touch on freshly cooked pasta, in a cream of Jerusalem artichokes or simply as a special flavour on mashed potatoes.

Don’t be afraid to combine the flavour with white meats such as turkey, chicken or quail and fish such as salmon or sea bass. Furthermore, a variety of vegetables including potatoes, spinach, peas, green asparagus, celery, white mushrooms and all kinds of dough can be refined with a hint of our high-quality oil.

Our oil is perfect for appetizers or light meals: to give salad dressings and beef carpaccios the finishing touch.

Add it just before serving to scrambled eggs or to a beef tartar. Even a drop of truffle oil on a fresh toast can serve as an original starter with only a moment’s preparation.

Our truffle oil is affordable and in a simple way you can wrap your meals in the exquisite taste of the black delicacy, with the advantage that the oil can be preserved for several weeks, whereas fresh truffle must be consumed within a few days.

Chilean roots

The black truffles we use grow at the roots of oak and hazel trees in the ground of the Chilean foothills of the Andes in the Biobío region. We also use Chilean olive oil of the highest quality, which enables the truffles to develop their unique flavour.

Thereby, the simplest dishes lead to a unique taste experience, which your guests will undoubtedly appreciate.

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